gl-inet products GL-Moto-Mini

Wi-Fi controller for R/C cars, robots with video streaming

This item is discontinued.
  • Powered by Domino Core (Atheros AR9331)
  • USB2.0, 4PWMs provided, ethernet pinout, UART pinout
  • iOS and Android App
  • Open source

Powered by Domino Core, GL-Moto-Mini is a Wi-Fi controller for R/C hobbies. Using your smartphone, you can control R/C cars, robots or even Helis easily. Plugin a UVC Webcam and you can have live video streaming to your smartphone.

The controller have 4-channel PWM output, USB-A, 4 LEDs, one Reset. It also have UART for both CPU and MCU and Ethernet port reserved for debugging.

First slide
CPU Atheros AR9331, @400MHz
Memory DDR2 64M / FLASH 16M
Frequency 2.4GHz
Protocol 802.11 b/g/n
Tx power (maximum) 18dBm
Distance 50~100m
Interfaces 1 WAN, 1 USB, 4 PWM, 2 UART
Camera MJPG, YUV
Antenna Soft Antenna customized for moto control
Android apk yes
iOS apk yes
Power supply 5V/1A
Power consumption ≤750mW
Dimension, Weight 43*28*25mm, 15g
  1. Schematic PDF
  2. MCU Datasheet Chinese
  3. AMS1117 Datasheet Chinese, English
  4. User and Dev Manual Chinese, English (update 20151009)
  5. MCU programming tools and drivers Chinese and English
  6. MCU source code for Keil 4.0, Chinese English(only main.c is commented in English)
  7. Android App APK
  8. Android App source code ZIP
  9. Openwrt firmware Download
  10. OpenWrt source code Download
gl-inet products GL-Moto-Mini